These pictures illustrate a simple waterproof fiberglass deck repair. At this phase of decay, only small areas of the decking material will need to be replaced and the railing feet repaired (railings can be retrofitted if necessary). The decking materials we use dry quickly; meaning restricted resident access to their homes is minimized, and we guarantee access by 5pm.

If your deck surfaces aren't resealed every two to three years, cracks will start appearing in the deck surfaces. Once the cracks start appearing, water can seep into the deck, allowing the wood substructure to get wet. This leads to wood rot, which will lead to more expensive repairs that could have been avoided. This deck was repaired early enough that it only required minimal and inexpensive repairs.

To prepare this decking surface for repair, the surfaces are scraped to remove any loose material. All the other cosmetic imperfections are removed to have your decks, walkways and stairs look fresh and new. Major cracks are opened and patched with the appropriate decking materials to ensure total waterproofing for your decks. 

The stairway and deck areas are resurfaced using Desert Crete and fiberglass to create a seamless and waterproof deck. The anti-slip texturing we will apply to your decking surfaces and stairs will enhance the safety for all your residents and their guests.

You can choose the color of the two coats of sealer used to finish off the quick and inexpensive improvement to your decks, landings and stairways. 

The deck material manufacturer recommends deck and stair surfaces be resealed every 2 - 3 years to insure a long-lasting, quality deck improvement. Resealing your new decks and stairs by a professional and licensed contractor every two to three years is the low cost solution to preserving your property.

When you meet with your estimator, be sure to ask about our very affordable deck maintenance service.

Replacement of

Deck & Stair Surfaces

- including -

Railing Stabilization

& Railing Replacement

This magnesite deck has become badly cracked and uneven due to doming; which usually indicates damage to the wood sub-structure. This is a typical example of late stage neglect. 

Waiting this long to repair your deck can increase the damage to the sub-structure of the deck and possibly to the main structure of your building. This condition also creates a safety hazard for the residents, because the railing is damaged and seriously unstable.

The damaged deck will be stripped down to the sub-structure and we will restore the wood sub-structure back to its original condition.

Although the railing plates you see here have rusted through, we can repair and reinforce them, or construct a whole new code compliant railing system for you onsite.

To start your property improvement with this level of decay, the old and damaged decking materials are completely removed to expose the sub-structure of the existing deck.

We will then repair any damage to the wooden sub-structure by removing, replacing and reinforcing any wood that exhibits deterioration.

After we have the deck and stair sub-structures strong, reliable and safe again, we will install 3/4 inch CDX plywood as the first layer of your new deck and stairs.

The railing supports with deterioration will be removed on repair projects. New railing plates and supports will be added in their place to reinforce the railings to the highest safety standards possible. In the event you want or need the whole railing system replaced, we will fabricate it right there onsite for you.

Installing the 15lb. felt paper and wire mesh on top of the newly installed deck bases will be the next step in the process.

Once the felt paper and wire mesh have been secured to the deck, the deck will be ready for the waterproof magnesite of fiberglass materials appropriate for your job.

Both options are non-skid & waterproof, and if maintained correctly, will look beautiful and remain strong for years and years to come. 

While meeting with your estimator, be sure to ask about our very affordable deck maintenance service!

An anti-slip texture will be applied on the deck for improved walking safety. And finally, the deck will be sealed with two coats of Desert brand sealer in your choice of colors

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